12 February 2020

Company Comparison: The Composite Decking vs Trex

Claiming to ‘change the way the world lives outdoors’, US firm Trex are widely credited with inventing the original concept of composite decking in 1996 following the buyout of a division of the Mobil Corporation. Today, they have the largest market share for composite decking in North America, providing high quality, innovative products to their local market.

At The Composite Decking, we are committed to providing the best composite decking materials at the best prices with the best customer service, and are happy to be compared to our closest competitors – so let’s see how Trex deck boards compare to our own decking products.

Eco-Friendly Credentials

Trex composite decking is made of an environmentally friendly blend of 95% reclaimed timber and plastic, making them a ‘green’ choice without a doubt. Trex is one of the largest recyclers in the USA and boast that they have never felled a tree in the making of their composite deck boards. Instead, they use reclaimed timber that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill site in the form of sawdust. This reclaimed timber is then combined with recycled plastic which is taken from a number of sources, mainly plastic bags and plastic film overwraps of different descriptions. In fact, Trex are one of the biggest plastic bag recyclers in the entire USA.

The Composite Decking also uses 95% recycled materials to make deck boards. Our sustainable composite decking is manufactured using a combination of 55% recycled wood and 40% recycled HDPE plastic along with 5% additives (colour, bonding agent etc.). By utilising recycled wood fibres we also prevent the chopping down of trees for fresh timber, while recycling plastic prevents the synthetic waste being sent to landfill sites. By conserving natural resources and re-purposing plastic waste, our composite decking minimises the environmental impact of your decking project.

Low Maintenance Boards

Trex composite decking is marketed as an almost zero-maintenance alternative to timber decking. Unlike natural wood deck boards, their decking won’t mould, scratch, stain or fade, and never needs oiling, staining or painting. Instead of maintaining your outdoor space, Trex composite decking requires nothing more than the occasional wash down with soapy water, giving you more time to enjoy your decking.

The Composite Decking boards are equally low maintenance. Unlike the timber alternative, our composite decking won’t warp, split, rot or splinter, and won’t require annual sanding, painting, treating or staining. Along with saving money, choosing our composite decking saves you valuable time – just sweep and wash down your composite deck every so often and relax in your garden, making the most of your new outdoor living area.

Easy Installation

Trex boards can be installed over timber, steel or aluminium substructures, and can be cut in the same way as timber boards. The composite deck boards feature grooved edges to give you two installation options – either composite deck screws or ‘secret fixings’ which connect the boards together for a smooth finish with no visible screws.

The Composite Decking boards are equally easy to install. Just like the Trex boards, our decking can be cut in exactly the same way as traditional wooden boards, using the same tools. Easy enough for either professional tradesmen or inexperienced homeowners to install, the composite decking can be fixed in place with a hidden fastener system for a pristine, flawless and fixing-free finish. With a choice of either 6mm or 3mm fasteners to create even and uniform gaps between boards, we also supply the joists, pedestals, rubber mats and other decking accessories that ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish, whether this is your first decking installation or one of many.

Capped vs Uncapped

Trex only offers the option of capped decking boards, and doesn’t feature an uncapped alternative within its range. Trex composite decks are wrapped in a high-performance protectant shell on three sides for improved weather protection, preserving the natural wood look. The protective shell also improves resistance to fading, staining, scratching and mould.

The Composite Decking offers both capped and uncapped deck boards, giving customers more choice. Our uncapped Classic composite decking range is a durable, reliable and cost-effective option that will not split, crack, rot or warp like timber. The uncapped composite decking has a hollow, lightweight design, and combines quality and affordability. Our capped Premium composite decking is even tougher, more resilient and longer lasting than the Classic range, and is finished with the thickest protective polymer sleeve on the UK market for the ultimate in weather and moisture resistance and mould and mildew prevention. The Premium boards offer improved colour fade resistance for the ultimate long-lasting pristine finish.

Finishing Touches

Trex offers matching fascia boards to give the edges of your patio a more polished look, along with coordinating decking handrails and balustrades to finish your decked outdoor space.

The Composite Decking offers a number of additional options to finish steps and rough deck edges, giving your new decking a flawless designer look and feel. Just like Trex, we offer simple fascia boards to provide a smooth, clean finish, but we also offer a choice of other accessories. Simple push-fit end caps conceal open ends, and L-shaped Edge Trims sit over the edge of the deck, covering corners and concealing joins where horizontal deck boards meet vertical fascia boards. Alternatively, Bullnose Edging presents a perfectly flawless, flush finish to steps and rough deck edges. And just like Trex, our elegant Balustrades are a safe and practical way to frame your composite decking to create an enclosed garden terrace.

Colour & Finish

Trex decking boards come in 3 different ranges, with atotal of 11 colour options to choose from. The boards are only available in a wood grain finish.

The Composite Decking boards are available in 2 ranges, with a total of 11 traditional and contemporary colour options. The Classic range is available in Savanna, Amber, Cedar, Mocha, Silver, Stone, Ash and Graphite, while the Premium range is available in Walnut, Pearl and Anthracite. Our deck boards all feature a reversible plank design, with a natural wood grain on one side and a ridged finish on the other.


Trex decking boards are only available in a capped form, and currentlycost £7.92 per linear metre.

The Composite Decking board prices start at just £4.99 per linear metre for the uncapped Classic range deck boards, with our equivalent capped Premium deck boards still coming in cheaper at £7.49 per linear metre.


Trex is an American decking company based in Winchester, Virginia, USA.

The Composite Decking is a UK based decking company, with a London head office.

There’s no doubt that Trex offers high quality, innovative composite decking products that make low-maintenance, luxurious outdoor living a reality for their customers, but they come at a price. Without the option of uncapped deck boards Trex composite decking does not offer a more cost-effective alternative, and our Premium capped range has the same high quality, low maintenance, eco-friendly credentials at a lower price.

If you would like a sample pack of our Classic or Premium composite decking delivered to your door by Royal Mail, please click here.


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