18 April 2020

Cheap Composite Decking

Stretch your budget with ‘Cheap Composite Decking’

In an ideal world, your garden transformation project would have an unlimited budget, but for most of us, that sadly isn’t the case. When funds are limited, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you use your available budget wisely and get the best value for money you possibly can.

Here’s our guide to choosing the right decking solution to suit your plans.

Timber decking – an expensive mistake!

A common mistake is assuming that composite decking is a more expensive option than the timber equivalent. While the upfront costs of purchasing timber decking materials are usually lower, the costs don’t stop there. As well as the initial paints, stains and wood treatments, labour costs quickly increase the bill, and even when the timber decking is in place, the additional costs continue.

As the timber deteriorates over time, it is absolutely essential to invest in annual maintenance and repairs to keep the timber deck looking good and remaining safe for use – that means sanding, painting, treating and replacing boards every single year. And after 10 years or so, a timber deck will need replacing completely, even if it’s been properly maintained. When you add up the lifetime costs, cheap timber decking is actually more expensive than cheap composite decking!

Classic Composite Decking – a cost-effective choice

Our Classic composite decking range is a cost-effective alternative to timber decking. Made from a combination of recycled plastic and recycled timber, composite decking provides the same natural beauty as a timber deck but in a stronger and more practical form. It’s durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly, and will not split, crack, rot or warp in the way that timber deck boards will.

While the initial investment to purchase composite decking may be a little higher than softwood deck boards (though often about the same as hardwood), the upkeep costs are much lower. All the expensive and time-consuming maintenance and repairs that are needed to keep wooden decks in good condition are unnecessary for the composite equivalent – just wash your deck down with soapy water as needed.

Premium Composite Decking – the ultimate finish

At a slightly higher price point is our Premium ‘capped’ composite decking, which is made of the same materials as our Classic range, but is designed to give the most pristine finish. Our Premium composite decking is the toughest, most resilient decking option, as it is finished with a protective polymer sleeve bonded around all 4 sides of each deck board. The polymer coating decreases water absorption to offer outstanding weather resistance and mould and mildew prevention, and provides even better stain, scratch and colour fade resistance than the uncapped option, along with a slightly longer lifespan.

Keeping costs low

Clearly, composite decking lasts longer than timber and lifetime costs are lower, making it better value for money. But when should you invest in Premium composite decking, and when is the Classic range a better choice?

The answer is that it really depends on your design taste, deck location and available budget. If you’re creating a deck in a high footfall area or in a location exposed to extreme weather, the capped Premium decking offers more durability, and if you are looking for the highest quality finish, it is designed to look pristine for longer.

However, our Classic range provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Offering a high quality solution at an affordable and competitive price, our Classic composite decking is tough, low maintenance and can be installed with a hidden fastener system, giving it a flawless finish. Available in a wide choice of traditional and modern colours, our Classic composite deck boards are designed to last, and are a reliable and affordable choice for most home installations.

Our Top 3 Tips to Keep Costs Low

Simplify your design:

Curved areas, raised sections and diagonal installationmay look fantastic, but they all increase your costs – weigh up the cost and benefit of design additions. Set the dimensions of your new deck to match standard boards lengths to reduce wastage.


Composite decking can be installed by inexperienced homeowners as well as professional tradesmen. If you’re looking to lower installation costs, fit the deck yourself. You can even hire the tools you need instead of buying them to reduce costs even more!

Use a decking calculator:

Make sure you only order what you need so you don’t have materials left over – our decking calculator can be found here.


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