Refunds & Returns Policy

To submit a return request, email us at to receive a return form – please allow 72 hours for return request approval by email. A return request must be received within 14 days of the date of purchase, and goods must be returned to our facility within a further 14 days in order to receive a refund, following an accepted return request. To ensure an efficient return, please add a detailed reason for return. If goods are returned after this time, or are returned without an approved return request and are therefore lost or misplaced, a refund cannot be issued.

Only new and unused goods are eligible for return and must be in the original, unopened packaging containing all included parts. We reserve the right to refuse refunds for goods that appear used in any way, including cosmetic damage. If a return is rejected, it will be stored in our warehouse until the customer arranges courier collection.

Return shipping costs must be paid for by the customer and are non-refundable. Returned goods must be sent with tracking and full insurance to cover damage in transit. Upon receipt of a return, the goods will be inspected and a refund approval or rejection email will be sent to the customer. Approved refunds are credited to the original payment method, usually within 5-7 days of receipt.

If goods are delivered damaged, please notify us immediately and we will arrange a refund or replacement. In this instance Dino Decking will arrange the return and cover the return costs.