28 March 2020

Why is Grey Composite Decking So Popular?

When we introduced our range of Premium Composite Decking we knew that we were providing great colour options for our customers, but we couldn’t have anticipated the popularity of our dark grey Anthracite boards in particular. So why is grey composite decking such a popular choice?

One of the main advantages of choosing composite decking instead of the traditional timber alternative is the range of colour options available – with no painting or staining required. While many homeowners and garden designers still favour the natural-looking timber coloured composite boards, an increasing number are instead choosing more contemporary colours, with grey tones standing out as a firm favourite.

In the past, choosing a coloured deck increased the maintenance required to keep it pristine. While cream painted timber or darkly stained boards looked fantastic when they were installed, the wear and damage caused by the weather and regular use soon left them looking shabby and unloved, unless they were re-treated regularly. Annual sanding, treating, painting, colour washing and staining were par for the course, and many people found this maintenance too much hard work for the reward.

With the era of composite decking, customers are able to choose the colour that they love, rather than the easiest to maintain, and grey is a modern classic.

Grey decking is a great choice for outside living areas as it provides a neutral backdrop for any other colours. When choosing a deck colour, it’s important to factor in the style and colour of the other elements of your garden, including the exterior of your house, garden walls, fences and any outbuildings. If you’re planning to use your existing garden furniture on the deck, the boards should complement that too.

Grey is a contemporary neutral, so it suits almost any modern outdoor space and works equally well with monochrome designs through to the very brightest accessories – it looks fantastic when accented with oranges and pinks, the bolder the better! It’s important to remember the natural colours that your garden provides too – from the rich deep greens of leaves and lawns to vivid red flowers and berries, a grey backdrop draws the eye to the lush beauty of your garden area.

Contemporary design trends favour grey as a base colour too. Scandinavian themes are sleek and minimalist, while pool areas often follow a nautical theme. The great thing about grey composite decking is that if the current trends change, the deck will still look clean and neutral – the perfect starting point for designing almost any new theme.

As grey composite decking became more popular, we developed more shades and currently have 6 grey tones available – Silver, Ash, Stone and Graphite in our Classic range and Anthracite and Pearl in our Premium range.

Anthracite Composite Decking

Though Anthracite is a relatively new addition to our collection, it is already proving to be the most popular. Dark and rich in colour, our Anthracite composite decking is warmer than black but offers depth of colour that provides a practical base for busy, high traffic areas, effortlessly concealing muddy footprints from children and pets.

And with multiple shades of grey on offer, many customers choose to combine more than one, using a complementary tone to highlight deck edges and accent stairs for a designer finish.

If you would like to see how grey composite decking would look in your garden, just order a Free Sample Pack which contains a small piece of reversible composite decking board in each of our colours. Our Classic range includes Savanna, Amber, Cedar, Mocha, Silver, Ash, Stone and Graphite, and out Premium range includes Anthracite, Pearl and Walnut. The sample pack is a letterbox-sized parcel and is delivered to your door by Royal Mail.

To receive a free sample pack, click here.


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