20 August 2019

What is Composite Decking?

Durable, low maintenance and easy to install, composite decking is an increasingly popular choice for garden designers who have fallen out of love with high maintenance timber and are looking for a more long-lasting, sustainable alternative.

Elegant outside areas have been enhanced by the addition of timber decking for years, with both commercial and residential properties benefitting from the natural beauty of wood. While timber decking’s aesthetics are fantastic when first built, without careful upkeep their good looks quickly fade.

In order to maintain a timber deck to a high standard, time-consuming annual maintenance must be factored in, or before long the deck will need replacing. Timber deck owners often find that they are spending those balmy summer days sanding, treating, painting and sealing their deck area, rather than relaxing and enjoying it!

For this reason, timber decking has lost its appeal for many, and the new option of composite decking has quickly risen in popularity.

Eco-Friendly Strength and Beauty

Composite decking combines the natural beauty of timber with the durability of plastic to create deck boards that look great for longer, with minimal maintenance. A sustainable and environmentally friendly option, composite decking boards are made using a mix of recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic, along with bonding agents and colouring. Preventing more trees from being felled and repurposing used plastic that would otherwise be sent to landfill, eco-friendly composite deck boards are a great choice for the environmentally-conscious gardener. 

The resulting boards offer the beautiful finish of natural timber that we all love but without the cracking, warping, rotting or splitting that naturally comes with the real thing. The splinter-free finish of composite decks is ideal for homes with children, pets and anyone who loves to be barefoot on hot days, and the deck boards are anti-slip for safety during spring showers or to create practical poolside pathways.

Low Maintenance

Requiring minimal maintenance, composite decking boards don’t need time-consuming annual treatments and ongoing board replacements. Instead, composite decks benefit from a quick sweep and a clean with soapy water every year, so summers of sanding and painting deck boards to keep them in tip-top condition become a distant memory – a couple of hours and a composite deck is back to its pristine best, ready for another year of enjoyment.

Fast and Easy Installation

Another benefit of composite decking is that installation is often quicker and easier than building a traditional timber deck. The deck boards fit together with a hidden fastener system, so there are no screws or fixings left in sight or underfoot, leaving the deck surface completely flawless. The fasteners are also a great way of creating perfectly uniform gaps between each deck board, which gives a professional-looking finish – a great bonus for anyone building their own deck for the first time. The rapid installation process also saves time and money, making a composite deck a cost-effective choice.

Colour and Grain

Because composite deck boards are manufactured using synthetic as well as natural materials, they can be created to very exact specifications, including colour and pattern. The decking is available in a wide range of natural and contemporary colours – no staining or painting required! Boards are also available with an authentic grain pattern, and reversible boards offer a wood grain on one side and grooved finish on the other. Mixing and matching complementary colours and patterns to highlight deck edges or steps is an increasingly popular option.

Sound Investment

Creating a deck is an investment in your home and garden, and as such the longevity of the finished creation is important to take into account. Along with requiring minimal upkeep, composite decks last longer than their timber counterparts. While a timber deck may need replacing in as little as 5 years, composite decking can last for decades while still looking as good as the day it was installed, which is why the materials are supplied with a 10 year warranty, providing peace of mind.

Beautiful, practical and guaranteed to look great for years to come, composite decking offers all the benefits of timber decking without the drawbacks, which is why more and more garden design experts are naming composite boards as their decking of choice.


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