Low Profile Composite Batten



provide weatherproof, low maintenance, hardwearing support for your decking by creating a simple frame with our Low Profile Composite Battens.

Suitable for use on a solid weight bearing base such as concrete, the hollow, lightweight composite battens offer a range of benefits not found in timber alternatives. Designed to prevent rotting, warping, splintering and splitting, the strong and durable composite joists provide a simple foundation for a composite deck.

Designed to be used either way up, the low profile 30 x 50mm battens are supplied in 3m lengths and won’t require the treatment or replacement necessary for timber joists. Manufactured from the same low maintenance, environmentally friendly recycled wood and plastic material as our Composite Decking Boards, the Low Profile Composite Battens are available in a single colour as they will be hidden from view when the decking is completed.

Our composite battens are not suitable for raised decking projects – for a raised deck we recommend using pedestals and timber or aluminium joists instead.

  • Hollow, lightweight Low Profile Composite Battens
  • Reversible 30 x 50mm joists supplied as 3 metre lengths
  • Weather resistant, hardwearing decking support
  • Low maintenance – will not rot, warp or splinter
  • Not suitable for use with raised decks